Saturday, September 11, 2010

Yamuna River still flowing above danger mark! Delhi misses the Low pressure strike

Akshay Deoras,
Severe Weather Forecaster

Delhi saved from near Massive destruction!
Conditions on Saturday were all favorable to wash away delhi due to heavy rains coupled with the rising water of Yamuna River. As seen from the afternoon satellite imagery, Massive convective clouds had formed in association with the 998mb air pressure(LOW) just South of Delhi having top temperature -20C. The upper level (300mb winds) which are the steering winds in the cases of such low showed a SouthWest to North East movement which was away from Delhi but was considerably near to cause Thunderstorm and rains during early morning and afternoon.
The clouds then turned towards Haryana and were feared to cause heavy downpours. Fortunately maximum of 30mm rainfall was recorded in Chandigarh which is expected to be the highest in the region. Now, the low pressure has turned towards Pakistan and the clouds have become weak(Weak Convection system) and turned far away from Haryana and Delhi
So, I don't expect any more heavy rains in Delhi and Haryana in next 48hrs

Yamuna River-
For the entire day and now also, the yamuna river flowed over the danger mark and caused severe water logs in Delhi and at some areas water till waist!
But,Haryana is expected to release more 30,000 Cubic Centimeter water in coming time.
If this doesn't happen, then water levels have to go down in areas

METD WEATHER has decided to lift the ONGOING MARK 5 ALERT AND ASSOCIATED PDS(PARTICULARLY DANGEROUS SITUATION) from Delhi and nearby areas at 1800hrs,12th Sept 2010 i.e Sunday since I don't find any weather problem associated!
Given the release of more water from Haryana,conditions can change but I have no technical knowledge on dams

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