Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Extremely heavy rains hit Bhandara,Gondia

Above- The article published in Hitavada paper dated 8th Sept 2010

AS was alerted before. On Tuesday, very very heavy rains Bhandara and Gondia places in East Maharashtra.
Bhandara district recorded 678mm rainfall in 8hours!! (OFFICIAL REPORT FROM IMD)
Bhandara tehsil recorded 110.2mm rains,Mohadi registered 42mm,Tumsar registered 195mm,Paoni-80mm,Sakoli- 138mm,Lakhandur-78mm,

Flooding happened within few hours after the rains as a result of which nearly 49 bus passengers rescued from flooded Bhandara-Paoni road!
Nagpur city recorded 35mm rains as recorded at METD WEATHER hq.

300 Houses damaged in Arjuni Morgaon,
Gondia recorded 101mm rains between 9-11AM.

around 50,000 cubic centimeter water will be released from Wainaganga dam at 10PM today

Water storages in Major lakes-

Itiadoh- 100%,Sirpur-98%,Pujaritola-97%,Kalisarar-92%

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