Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Akshay's Gyaan sets up "SEVERE SOLARWX" section on the blog for Space Weather!

Finally, an official confirmation of establishing a well defined Space Weather Forecasting agency.
I already had made more than a dozen of Space Weather Forecasts since August 2010.
But there was no specific name given to the organization as we have the Global Earth Weather forecasting agency-METD WEATHER.

METD WEATHER was established on June 1,2009. Its parent blog is Akshay's Gyaan

On the same basis, we have setup a section on blog (though not a different blog as managing 3 blogs will become difficult). The name of the Akshay's Gyaan Space Weather Forecasting agency is -
"SEVERE SOLARWX" WX means weather in meteorological aspects. Severe Solar WX means Severe Solar Weather.

All the posts relating to space weather will be done on Akshay's Gyaan Blog
The Severe Solar Weather forecaster will be Akshay Deoras

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