Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hurricane Igor undergoing Eyewall replacement! Weakens slightly

Akshay Deoras
Severe Weather Forecaster

As was mentioned by me in earlier post, Hurricane Igor could miss the golden opportunity of reaching Cat 5 mark as I expected an eyewall replacement happening in it

Confirmed from the Infrared and water vapour satellite imagery of IGOR on 08:45UTC,
the existing eyewall got eroded from SW quadrant of the eyewall and newly developing eyewall from SE side is now replacing the previous eyewall. We will be able to see the new eyewall in next round of satellite imagery

IGOR is now a Cat 4 Hurricane in Atlantic having a central air pressure of 935mph and winds max sustained of 145mph which earlier was 155mph in early morning.
Igor is moving WNW at 10mph and at location of 19.5N,54.5W

NHC in their recent forecast discussion # 29 wrote that Igor's forward speed will increase as soon as it crosses the subtropical ridge. The Jet streams of which I wrote in the last post will decrease the forward speed till Igor crosses the ride. Then it will move with increased speed towards the gap
Also NHC mentioned East wards shift on days 4,5 than mentioned. This seems to be a little matter of confusion for me as I believe Igor will bend slightly west and not east
I believe Igor will miss Bermuda but outer spiral bands will definitely pound Bermuda!

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