Sunday, October 17, 2010

Massive Typhoon Megi makes a landfall at Tuguegarao area in Philippines

Akshay Deoras
Severe Weather Forecaster

Super Typhoon Megi has made a landfall at

Tuguegarao area in Luzon area of Northern Philippines!

Megi which is a Cat.5 Typhoon made a landfall at 11Am,Local time( 0300hrs,GMT) with winds over 225km/hr! Megi also now has reduced forward speed of 19km/hr from 24km/hr
Megi is the 10th typhoon to hit Philippines this year

I was unable to make any update on Typhoon Megi on Sunday as I was having a very busy and hectic schedule.
National Weather Service has worked hard and the best to save lives as NWS always do

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