Sunday, July 4, 2010

SW Monsoon progresses towards North after arriving in Nagpur

Akshay Deoras,
Extreme Weather Forecaster,

SW MONSOON arrived on 2nd July 2010 in Nagpur and METD WEATHER again scoring a 100% result consecutively for the second year. Though, rains have not been that strong in Nagpur they are very strong around Nagpur and in many surrounding districts. Due to a a Low pressure area which recently moved across Central India, Monsoon winds current regulated.
The GFS forecast are showing superb rains in Northern India which will be termed as Monsoon.
Heavy rains will grip parts of Punjab,Haryana and Chandigarh from Monday and at Delhi.
Very heavy rainfall is expected to hit Chandigarh and areas around it

New Delhi will witness few rains on monday. Chandigarh,ludhiana will receive a T.storm on mon,tue nights

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