Friday, June 11, 2010

Cyclone Phet brings heaviest rainfall in open waters of Arabian Sea

The Category 4 cyclone Phet which formed on 31st May 2010 is causing a very heavy rainfall in the openwaters of the arabian sea.
Nasa's TRMM <Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission> satellite has shown the data. According to the precipitation tables recorded between 31st May to 6th June i.e during TC PHET, more than 600mm i.e 23.6 inches of rainfall have occured in the arabian sea. While the heaviest rainfall occurred over open waters, the cyclone triggered very heavy rainfall over parts of Oman and Pakistan, Nasa said.

"One area of northeast Oman received as much as 450mm (17.7 inches), while Pakistan received between 150-300mm (5.9-11.8 inches) as Phet made landfall there this past weekend. 

Phet made a landfall at OMAN on June 4 and then turned towards Pakistan. This route prevented the cyclone from consuming all the moisture in the arabian sea which is required for the monsoon formation. GFS models of 00z 30th May the last I had seen as I was on a leave were indicating that phet w'd move North as a result METD WEATHER delayed the monsoon onset dates. But since this path was all together like Laila which also moved towards AP and then from Orrissa entered Bay of Bengal, monsoon was saved. 

Phet was a Very severe Cyclonic storm which caused 44 deaths in Oman and Pakistan in total and 440 million US Dollar damage. Lowest pressure recorded was 970mb and 250km/hr 3 minute sustained winds were in it. 

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