Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pre-Monsoon Showers arrive in Nagpur

The pre-Monsoon showers are finally here in Nagpur from 15th June 2010. Conditions were favourable for the onset since 14th june only but due to moisture problem rains arrived on Tuesday. Wednesday it has surely rained VERY HEAVILY after 6PM with a thunderstorm happening. METD WEATHER will now provide Real Time weather data from Pratap Nagar. Data will be of Amount of Rainfall and winds.
My raingauge recorded about 16.2cm or 6.37 inch rainfall from 9PM to 10:50PM. Surely there has been more but I was unable to record it. 
The pre-monsoon showers will continue with thunderstorms on Thursday also. According to the latest Weather models, apx. 10mm rains will be there tomorrow and accumulations will be more than that.
The only limiting factor can be a slightly less moisture at the lowest level but if GFS improves it will rain tomorrow also
I was unable to send an email alert before rains as the laptop battery has totally finished

Real time updates are issued on Facebook and Twitter also
Search METD WEATHER or Akshay Deoras on Facebook and also on
The videos are uploaded on youtube, Channel name is mrakshaydeoras
Fast alerts are issued on blog also so do keep checking the blog as it can get difficult to send emails very often

A momentary relief but temperatures will soar to 40C by Sunday or Monday
Real Monsoon will touch on 26th June 2010

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