Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Another round of Thunderstorms, Rains,HAILS

Akshay Deoras
Extreme Weather Forecaster,

Concerning- Severe Weather In parts of Oklahoma specially and some threat in the upper parts of IA-MO AGAIN

The coming setup for Tuesday seems to be another interesting one. The upper level jets will flow with 90kt speed over OK resulting in atmospheric disturbances and at the surface by 18-21z, 40kt jet flow towards NE will bring moisture from Gulf of mexico rising the dewpoints to 60F+ if NAM verifies. The instability will build up favouring storms developing along the DRYLINE. The dryline will get sufficient low level shears building in OK to rotate. THE HODOGRAPH indicates strong directional shear with the speed shear building first. The storms can get instense typically at night in ESRN OK when the instability increases. CAPE will be about 2000J/Kg with the EHI rising to 3.0+ in Central OK. For IA, Instability and moisture gets limited reducing the chance of tornadoes. There might be tornadoes in Ok and SEVERE HAILS are for sure in the warned part

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