Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Strong supercell signatures near La Paz,Argentina

Supercells had already exploded in Argentina's Pampas area. As had been forecasted,Santa Rosa had severe hail beat because a supercell of more than 57.9 dBz was parked sometime ago. At present there are no activities going around Santa Rosa but there has been wide activity going around La Paz. A giant squall is approaching La paz. But The dewpoint is about 23 Degree celcius that is more than 75F. This is favourable for development of supercell to Tornado. But the intensity of the squall approaching towards La Paz might decrease and it will become moderate. La paz must be receiving rains at present. 

Reports received from Argentina-
on 11th some circulations were reported to the north of city Santa rosa but weren't tornado.Mendoza also had some amazing supercells. but no tornado 
this might be because of a weak low level shear to the west.

The attachments are
  09:00 GMT,12 th jan <radar one>
08:45 GMT GOES satellite imagery
showing intense,cold cloud tops


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