Saturday, August 7, 2010


Anyone wanting to enquire about the status of the injured or dead can contact on following numbers- 9906990613, 9906990833, 9906990807, 9906983544, 9906990748, 9906990835 and 9906990787.
With 48hrs passed from Leh incident, things have not changed at all despite military and local people are doing their best. The toll of dead is increasing everyday and now it is 130!
LEH'S Kushok Bakula Rimponchee airport's runway has been restored today. The Indian Air force operated two llyushin-76 aircraft and four antonov 32 aircraft to Leh carrying 125 persons from National Disaster Response Force(NDRF) carrying medicines, X ray machines,tents

The toll of dead is feared to go up and more injuries to see. There are still dozens of villages in Leh where relief hadn't reached and which still are in darkness.
There is simply nothing to write on this matter both in context of matter and my feelings
I am totally off due to bursts of tears when I see LEH photos..

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