Saturday, August 28, 2010

Heavy rains likely in Maharashtra in the early upcoming week

Akshay Deoras
Severe Weather Forecaster

After more than a week of absence in my passionate field due to some other important work ongoing, I finally managed to get some time for the weather forecast of the upcoming week in India

Right now, a bimodal system of low pressures has formed over India due to rapid strengthening of the low 850mb air pressures. One of this system which is set up over SE of Rajasthan as per the 12z UTC pressure map of Thai Meteorological Dept. The origin of this low pressure happened a few days back from the coasts near Tamil Nadu. This system was responsible of bringing very heavy downpours over Nagpur at dawn period

This low pressure is not expected to maintain the intensity in the next 12-24hrs as a result of the weakening its likely going to cause very very heavy rains over Western India esp Mumbai and nearby areas and some rains at the Southern Tip of Gujarat
Meanwhile, the rainfall is likely to be intensified due to the formation of a Mid-low level Vortex system. So heavy rains initiating Sunday Evening to night hours will hit entire Northern Maharashtra including Mumbai and vicinity.
On Monday also very heavy rains will hit Mumbai city and the mentioned places due to the vortex system under the influence of a weak low pressure!
The second system which is centered over Bihar is likely to progress south wards and sweep across central states intensifying and causing rains on the way

So the Northern Maharashtra will get heavy rains due to this low pressure

Rainfall will continue on Sunday very early morning time. Its expected to be heavy with thunderstorm
Sunday night- Rains will be moderate and initiating at late night period

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