Sunday, March 13, 2011

Severe heat to approach India in the coming period!

Akshay Deoras
Severe Weather Forecaster

With a part feel of summer in early March due to a redirection of the mid- low level winds from West, temperatures relaxed ( max) into the 30s range across most of India and (min) in the lower 20s.

The winds regulated from North-South due to formation of low pressure in the bay of bengal travelling west towards Sri Lanka.
The low pressure was expected to travel in a relatively less time but due to the slow movement in the water, the low is now expected to hit the Sri lanka eastern coast on Friday-Saturday

Due to the collaboration of High-Low pressure systems, the winds at 850mb are nearly Northerly. This continues the cooling at evening period-night-early morning across Indian plains especially in the Central India part where max effect is being seen
Min temp was around 18C in Nagpur ( Early morning on 14th March) while was around 16C in Pune and around 15C in Bhopal

Maximum is still above 35C but not near to 40C yet.

With the more westerly travel of the low crossing Sri Lanka, effect of the low shall disappear
Winds at low and mid level across Central and Southern India shall become easterly and then Westerly by next week ( Monday).
This shall permit a sudden rise of Max temp across Central India,Western India,Southern India and bring temperatures in Northern India ( Max) upto 35C ( In northern plains)

With a Western Disturbance approaching and likely striking North India by Saturday ( 20th Mar) some rainfall,cloudy sky will pull down maximum temperature in hilly areas ( Srinagar also where its 20C now)
Also areas of Punjab,Haryana etc. shall see some cooling from this weekend ( For limited period apx 24-48hrs only)

After that Mercury shall rise!

Nagpur temperature forecast- MAX AND MIN

14/03 38C 20C
15/03 38C 21C
16/03 39C 22C
17/03 39C 24C
18/03 *40C 25C
19/03 40C 25C

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