Thursday, March 10, 2011

North-Northwesterly Winds in India to cool Central India!

Akshay Deoras
Severe Weather Forecaster

The multi directional flow of the low to mid level winds in India shall be regulated as a Monodirectional or Uni-directional flow in the coming period due to the development of a broad cyclonic low pressure in the Southern Bay of Bengal.

GFS models indicate that the low pressure shall intensity to a marked low pressure or a broad low pressure having intense convection and minor banding features which shall trigger heavy rains in Sri Lanka by coming Sunday(13th March)

As the winds always blow from High Pressure TOWARDS low pressure area, North to North Westerly shall set up due to permanent high in North India and this low.
The winds shall become more symmetrically oriented as the low aims Sri-Lanka

What effect expected in India?

In the last week, for Central India,Western India the winds were from the West which led to severe rise in temperatures at Max and Min at many places with Nagpur at 37C.

Now as the wind direction change, winds will be from North. AT evening and night period when the air cools off due to absence of heating from sun, such winds are capable of reducing the temperatures and giving a breezy pleasant outlook.

Similar feature is expected to happen WHICH CAUSED MIN AT PUNE AND NASHIK 11C AND JALGAON AT 12C

(Temp courtesy-Rajesh Kapadia)
Min temp in Cent India shall be in 20-25C range with Max temp to be steady or 1C rise.
This temp drop(Min) shall continue till Mon (14th Feb) and shall minimize when low disappears.

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