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As a part of Pre-Second year of completion of METD WEATHER, We are proud to announce a new product


METD WEATHER NeXT Gen is the Next Generation Version of our blog launched in June 2009.
This new version shall provide multiple facilities shortly and one of the facility has been launched which is the Current Temp of cities in India

Q. What is Current Temp of Cities in India product
Current temperature of cities in India is automatically updating page attached with our main page @ providing datas from 25 cities in India

Q. Which datas are available
Datas from Regional Meteorological Dept. Observatories and Private Weather Station ( Rajkot) are enhanced by private organization of Wunderground.
These datas include-
*Temperature in Celsius, Fahrenheit
* Sky conditions
* Humidity
*Visibility ( In miles and Kilometers)
* Wind speed and direction
* Time of update
* Wunderground forecast for cities by clicking the links

Q. Which cities are included in the list
Cities are alphabetically arranged and include the following in following fashion

( Below is a screenshot and hence shall not be updated regularly)

1] Ahmedabad

Click for Ahmedabad, India Forecast

2] Allahabad

Click for Allahabad, India Forecast

3] Amritsar
( To be issued shortly)

4] Aurangabad

Click for Aurangabad, India Forecast

5] Bangalore

Click for Bangalore, India Forecast

6] Bhopal

Click for Bhopal, India Forecast

7] Chennai

Click for Chennai, India Forecast

8] Cochin
Click for Cochin, India Forecast

9] Panaji

Click for Goa, India Forecast

10] Hyderabad

Click for Hyderabad, India Forecast

11] Indore

Click for Indore, India Forecast

12] Jaipur

Click for Jaipur, India Forecast

12] Jammu

Click for Jammu, India Forecast

13] Kanniyakumari and Thiruvananthapuram

Click for Kanniyakumari, India Forecast

14] Kolkata

Click for Kolkata, India Forecast

15] Lucknow

Click for Lucknow, India Forecast

16] Mangalore

Click for Mangalore, India Forecast

17] Mumbai

Click for Mumbai, India Forecast

18] Nagpur ( On front page of the blog)

19] Nashik

Click for Nasik, India Forecast

20] New Delhi ( City)

Click for New Delhi, India Forecast

21] Patna

Click for Patna, India Forecast

22] Pbo Raipur
Click for Pbo Raipur, India Forecast

23] Rajkot ( Ring Road Weather station of Ashokbhai Patel) PWS

Click for Rajkot, India Forecast

24] Srinagar

Click for Srinagar, India Forecast

25] Varanasi
Click for Varanasi, India Forecast

Q. Where to find these Updated list
You just need to visit
Then at the top click "Current Temperature of Cities in India tab"

Click this link directly

Q. How latest are the products
The products are within 1-3hr update basis

Q. What are our plans for this page
We look forward to increase the list by including more cities from foreign countries also..

Q. What more products will be available under the NeXT Gen version
WE look forward to add Doppler Radar products from the new DWR( Doppler Weather Radar) which shall be functional by this month end.
We also look forward to create new ways to help improve forecasting techniques and quick forecasts also.

Akshay Deoras
Administrator and Severe Weather Forecaster


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