Thursday, November 11, 2010

Heavy Thunderstorm grips Vidarbha with rains. More expected

CAPE PLOT showing MAX CAPE over Central And Southern India

Akshay Deoras
Severe Weather Forecaster

28mm rainfall was recorded at METD WEATHER hq due to a strong thunderstorm in afternoon hours of 11th Nov and evening-night-morning thunderstorm on 11th and 12th Nov.
Lightning with strong electric potentials were observed at night hours on thursday as strong backlights was observed followed by strong thunderstorm and moderate rains at late night continuing till early morning!

Rainfall also hit various areas of Vidarbha and North Central Maharashtra as the moisture deposited by the remnants of Cyclone Jal is colliding with the cool air from the north giving more cloud cover and rains at the center.

Moisture is going to continue well till 20th Nov which is due to remnants of JAL and then I see another low pressure in the bay doing so again.
So November in central India is expected to be warmer at nights and days.

Weather Forecast
Rains with mostly cloud cover will continue in Central India with rainfall chance with Thunderstorm in forecast as Strong CAPE coupled with daytime heating will trigger Cumulonimbus clouds formation and development.

Nagpur -
Rains are expected with thunderstorm again on Friday(12th Nov 2010) as daytime heating with CAPE will continue.
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  1. 18th ev. onwards TS activity with light rain. Around 10 mm r/f expected on 20th,21st and 22nd Nov 2010.Steep fall in sur.lev pr (slp) upto 1007 mb. Max temp may fall upto 26 deg cel and min upto 20 deg cel and rel hum around 95%.

    Milind Phadke

  2. GFS indicating some rainfall atleast due to the effects of the low pressure sweep and another LLC forming NE of Nagpur.. I will not be able to look for weather in period 21-26NOV since I am not in city.

    In reports from last evening, thunderstorm was noted. Did you record any Thunderstorm from airport?