Monday, November 15, 2010

Heavy rains expected in Andhra Pradesh,Northern Tamil Nadu

Akshay Deoras
Severe Weather Forecaster

Very heavy rainfall is expected to strike coastal Andhra Pradesh,few northern parts of Tamil Nadu as the low pressure at present in the bay of bengal will come over land on Tuesday,16th Nov 2010 and continued effect on Wednesday,17th Nov 2010

The areas of heavy rainfall are likely in an area from SE of Machilipatanam stretching upto Puducherry
Rains in Mumbai
Rains and thunderstorm with winds gusting to around 40.7km/hr were reported from Mumbai meteorological center at around 08:10PM. Winds were around 22.2km/hr

Satellite imagery showing massive cloud with CB signs responsible for Thunderstorm. Thunderstorm also was reported in Pune... November month has never been so different. Rains have halted with partly cloud skies in Central India as moisture (most of the) has withdrawn.. With the bay low sweeping again, some more rains are expected to happen after 18th.

METD WEATHER forecasts will not be available from Monday 22nd Nov 2010-Friday 26th Nov 2010 as I will be in Pune for some private work.. Forecast shall resume by Saturday,27th

No NAGPUR FORECAST will be available too. So Sorry for this as some rains are expected around that period.

Looking at the weather, I must admit that it will be advisable to carry umbrella to Pune during the visit next week instead of sweaters. Pune is getting rains almost everyday

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