Thursday, May 12, 2011

Temperature soars to 45C in Nagpur

Akshay Deoras
Severe Weather Forecaster

Concerning- Ongoing High Temperatures over Central India

The anticyclone present in Central Arabian Sea is amplifying the dry west winds arriving in Central India. Temperatures soared up in Central India in early May when the moisture went away which caused one of the wettest April month for Nagpur with rainfall ( Monthly over)

As the solar radiation started heating the Northern Hemisphere, temperature soared to 45C today ( 12th May 2011) in Nagpur

NGP data
In 2010, Max temp in May was 47.3C ( 117.14F) towards the May End
In 2009,Max temp was 47.4C
In 2008,Max temp 45.1C

The Winds from West shall continue for atleast one more week adding to temperatures in Central India

** Next Week**
16-22nd May 2011 is definitely going to be historic week as I do expect Record Breaking temperatures in Central India esp Nagpur where the meteograms show temperatures above 45C !

Moisture continues-
The moisture is continuing at mid levels of atmosphere over Central India which brings some convection afternoon period. However, the thunderstorms are not building because of distorted upper winds,less CAPE for convection.
Very High temperature also has warmed up the atmosphere limiting thunderstorms

This moisture definitely is giving clouds in afternoon which drops temperature by 1C or so.

I do expect some strong temperatures next week and might give some new records!

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