Thursday, April 7, 2011

Extreme Thunderstorm and Rainfall in Nagpur!

Akshay Deoras
Severe Weather Forecaster

As mentioned in our previous update, conditions FINALLY came together for a Severe Weather Event in Nagpur.
On Wednesday, the absence of moisture and lift and continuation of Capping Inversion till afternoon widely inhibited convection. However,Radar images showed Isolated Thunderstorm and rainfall around Yavatmal

As was expected, Convection temperature of apx 35-37C was reached by 1100hrs and then thunderstorms fired due to presence of CAPE, Lift and Moisture for convection
Convection was on a large basis towards SE side of Nagpur easily visible from Nagpur and as a result I took some photos around 1330hrs

Thunderstorm fired over city at around 1430hrs with typical lowering of clouds, presence of an outflow boundary just in the city which caused winds over 22km/hr from SE.

TEMP DROPPED BY 15C FROM 38C TO 23C IN 3HRS ( 1410-1710)


Due to Large instability,day time heating Lightning was widely observed very near to earth at around 800m in 1430-1500hrs.
METD WEATHER documented the entire scenario but was unfortunate to capture lightning in the camera.
Chasing to extreme limits lead to damage in my mobile phone which I used for documentation.

Fortunately after some drying, phone is back in action!

Rainfall measurement as on 1742hrs IST - 21.5mm at METD WEATHER HQ
Rainfall began at 1450hrs.

Rainfall continues as of 2000hrs

METD WEATHER preparation-
On METD WEATHER fan page on Facebook - had mentioned instant updates since last few days
Probe was deployed today morning for rainfall accumulation details

Whats IMD - Regional Meteorological Center Doing???

In The Hitavada news paper published for Nagpur dated Apr 5, Tuesday
IMD had made a statement that "Expect Rains this mid week"
In the report, they mentioned about chance of rainfall on Wed,Thu,Fri

Despite knowing the fact about chances of rain, the Doppler Radar products from Nagpur radar haven't been updated today after 1210hrs.
Max -Z product image is just 1/4th image available.
See here

Also on IMD website for Forecast for Nagpur

Todays ( Thu) weather - Partly Cloudy
Friday weather - Partly cloudy
Remember the lines from their newspaper report-
Rainfall on Wed,Thu,Fri

Isn't it deceiving people????

What is the use of Doppler Radar images to weather forecasters when Images are not updated DURING ACTIVITY ??

Akshay Deoras
Severe Earth & Space Weather Forecaster,Astrophysics article writer.


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