Monday, December 28, 2009

Argentina Severe Weather Outbreak Possible in Next 18hrs< cal. from 18:00 GMT


concerning for severe weather

The GFS forecast shows that a massive mid range trough is just off the
shore of Chile.
This trough is a good which can create many things
The first feature will be it will not be a zonal flow that is the
trough digs in argentina-chile border.The jet at present is situated
behind it and will move to areas near Catamarca,Ar and interestingly
the pressure is expected to be 990mb only. in next 18hrs
The jet will be near catamarca and as there will be availability of
CAPE chance of severe weather outbreak increases.Also Humidity will be
present which helps in strengthining of thunderstorm. I don't have any
update on HELICITY as There are no models within my range showing
This system will cause heavy rains as well in there areas. Tornado
chances might be there as everything is good.....

another powerful system is digging in slowly in the outlook of RIDGE
for N.hemisphere but is actually a trough as i always say.
This is to the very south of argentina near puerto natales,CHILE.
This is weaker than the one mentioned above as the central pressure
would be 996mb
But this is unfavourable as the position would be in lower 40s. The
temperatures there are low and dewpoint is less. so we can just expect
rains and no thunderstorm

So METD now aims to catch the action from the system of pressure
gradient 990mb which knocks very soon in argentina-chile border.
It will be exciting to see what a system of 990mb does as last day a
system of 996mb created supercells!!!!

Stay tuned for updates only on METD Int


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