Tuesday, December 22, 2009



ALERT DEPT ALERT FOR WINTER STORM AND THUNDERSTORM A powerful low pressure system is moving in the country from the north western side. This is bringing snowfall on its way. At present The RUC forecast for 300mb shows trough is digging in from Washington state,There is another one digging in directly from south-western states. SO infact, we w'd be having a joint effect of this two troughs over central and southern areas. At first this trough will enter and mix with the southern trough. There will be low level jets of 50 knots over south dakota which will bring rains in the form of heavy snowfall. By the time the snow ends on
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Christmas Day, significant accumulations will have occurred. Present indications are that 7 to 10 inches of total snow will fall across far western Nebraska, with 8 to 14 inches in the Imperial, North Platte, and Valentine areas. In the Broken Bow and O'Neill areas, 12 to 18 inches are expected. Significant blowing and drifting snow is also expected Thursday into Christmas as a result of strong winds. The combination of wind and snow in the Plains could lead to blizzard or near blizzard conditions in parts of Kansas and Nebraska, possibly into other areas as well SO travellers during christmas must set out early as if they want to travel west, Then These snowy conditions will prevent them from doing so. THUNDERSTORM IN SOUTH The Powerful low level system with 120 knot jet will bring heavy rains in the south. Actually there will be a thunderstorm which might be capable of producing isolated thunderstorms.However the chance of Tornadoes will be less as the CAPE is limited for tornadoes. though there would be extreme wind shears..The EHI are also down. The low level jets of 50 knot will bring heavy rains in southeast texas and southwest lousiana also in pensacola . NWS has issued Flood Warnings across southern states like lousiana,southeast texas.Some thunderstorms are possible in the Desert Southwest. NWS has also issued winter storm warning for Nebraska areas. MERRY X'MAS TO ALL METD READERS.

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