Friday, May 24, 2013


1250HRS IST 

As per the previous announcement, it gives me immense pleasure to announce the names of those who are being honoured by METD WEATHER for their contribution to weather forecasting. I am happy to announce that three eminent personalities from the field of meteorology are being conferred with "THE LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD" ( By listing them as Honorary Members of METD WEATHER) whereas two persons are being mentioned specially (Special Mentions) for their interest in the field of weather forecasting. 

I congratulate all for their achievements and will like to thank them for their service by presenting these awards. 

Akshay Deoras



     Shri Rajesh Kapadia 
     Vagaries of the Weather ( 

Shri Rajesh Kapadia is an engineer by profession. He spent many years of his life in Aurangabad,Maharashtra where he had his own observatory at his factory where he used to record weather data on a regular basis.Thus he has been into weather forecasting since over 45 years from now! He has been collecting various data (now from his home in Mumbai) like temperature,rainfall,wind etc from over four decades and also extreme weather records. He started the blog Vagaries of the Weather a few years ago and the blog has tremendous following from the entire world.. Shri Kapadia has been giving long range accurate forecasts like that of monsoon since many years and also is known for the graphical forecast maps which he creates. Shri Kapadia also has been providing weather forecasts to the farmers of Maharashtra and has featured in many prestigious newspapers like the Times of India. He is also an expert bird watcher. 

On account of his contribution, METD WEATHER honours Shri Rajesh Kapadia as the "Honorary member of METD WEATHER"

Shri Ashok M. Patel
RingRoad Weather Station (

Shri Ashok Patel is a chemical engineer by profession who studied chemical engineering at the prestigious Illinois Institute of Technology, USA. After many years of staying abroad, Shri Ashokbhai Patel returned back to India a few years ago.He has an extra-ordinary interest in weather forecasting. He has his own automatic weather station at Rajkot in India called as the "RingRoad Weather Station" which provides real time weather data on his website as well as on a few private sites. Shri Patel has been guiding the farmers of Saurashtra (Gujarat) since many years with his daily weather forecasts in the "Akila Daily" newspaper of Gujarat.This guidance itself is extra-ordinary. He has been interviewed by various news channels like ETV Gujarat and has featured in various prestigious newspapers also. He also collects the weather data particularly daily reports a list of top 20 hottest cities of India in summer..

For his extra-ordinary contribution particularly the work done for the farmers, METD WEATHER honours Shri Ashok Patel as its honorary member.

Mr Gene Moore
Del Rio,Texas (USA)

Mr Gene Moore is a meteorologist and an extreme storm chaser, storm photographer as well as an astrophotographer. Mr Moore graduated in meteorology from the prestigious University of Oklahoma (O.U,USA)  He started chasing the storms when he was in junior college only. He later moved to Norman, Oklahoma where he joined the chase teams at OU and NSSL (the National Severe Storms Laboratory). During the time he lived in Oklahoma,he got his pictures in numerous magazines like Nature, National Geographic, Audubon and other sources to include 40 nations outside the US . In addition he was featured in Time Magazine and Weatherwise for storm chasing. HE ALSO HAS A GUINNESS WORLD RECORD IN THE YEAR 2000 FOR SPOTTING THE MAXIMUM TORNADOES. In the years following his graduation from OU, he worked in both radio and TV weather before getting into the federal government. Now that he lives in south Texas he is still able to get into the heart of chase country. He also is an expert photographer who has taken and still takes some incredible shots of tornadoes, comets etc... 

I consider myself lucky that METD WEATHER is honouring a legend like Gene Moore with the honorary membership which is the LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD... 


 Shri Shashank Dongarwar, 
 Dewzone,Nagpur (India)

Shri Shashank Dongarwar owns Dewzone group in Nagpur which specialises in air cooling projects. However Mr Dongarwar has a special interest in weather forecasting. Mr Dongarwar recently started weather forecasting and his initial forecasts for Nagpur are coming accurate which makes him a perfect candidate for becoming a successful weather forecaster ahead. Complimenting him for his talent, METD WEATHER specially mentions him in the list for his interest.
Shri Abhijit Modak,
Badlapur,Maharashtra ( India)

Shri Abhijit Modak is a student of University of Mumbai who also has a special interest in meteorology. Mr Modak keeps an eye on the daily weather observations like temperatures,rainfall etc in different parts of India and reports them to METD WEATHER. Recognising his talent, METD WEATHER specially mentions him in the list. 

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