Saturday, March 30, 2013


Just a few days ago,METD WEATHER had announced that a new service will be launched in June 2013. The service will provide weather updates,alerts etc in the form of SMS which people can read easily on their mobile phones.

The registration to this service which is absolutely free is NOW OPEN AND PEOPLE HAVE STARTED REGISTERING THEMSELVES..

The registration is very simple. It can be done by visiting the google doc or METD WEATHER's blog.

1) To register via google doc link-

People must open this link ( it can be seen even on the mobile I.e mobile internet)

Just fill up the form with appropriate details and click submit.

2) To register from the blog- CLICK HERE or click the below link

Repeat the same process to get registered.....

The service will begin most likely from June 2013. Below are the highlights of this scheme- 
A major revolution is underway with METD WEATHER as we are planning to launch A FREE SMS ALERT SYSTEM IN MAY 2013. As of now, we are planning to collaborate with Vagaries of Weather and RingRoad Weather Station. 

* People will get the weather update,forecast and severe weather alerts on their mobile phones in the form of SMS. 
If we collaborate with Vagaries and RingRoad team then daily forecasts will be conveyed to the people. If this collaboration doesn't take place then METD WEATHER will convey only severe weather forecasts by SMS. 

* This service is likely to be launched on/around May 21 2013 and will be activated most likely by June first week. 

* People who are interested in getting the updates will have to email their name, city,state, active mobile number (in which DND: Do Not disturb isnt activated) to METD WEATHER on the email- 

* The SMS will be sent ( when required) between 0800hrs and 2200hrs IST. No late night,early morning SMS will be sent. 

* The names, mobile numbers of the registered user will not be made public. Also the SMS will be sent through an automated device system to which people will not be able to reply by SMS. 

* People can activate/deactivate this service as they wish. They will just need to notify by email 

* The service will be FREE. No charges will be applied for receiving the SMS.. 

* Updates on the severe weather like rain,thunderstorms, lightning alert, cyclone updates, western disturbance and much more will be given by SMS... 

* Feedbacks can be sent by posting a comment on METD WEATHER facebook - 

***** The next announcement in this regard will be made around 16th May 2013 with the IndiMO 1 (Indian Monsoon Forecast)


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