Thursday, October 20, 2011

Earthquake of Magnitude 5.0 jolts Southern Gujarat

* By Akshay Deoras

A Light Moderate Earthquake measuring 5.0 On Richter Scale by USGC occured at 2248 IST 20km SE of Sasangir near Vansthil town in Junagadh Dist ( Epicenter)
The tremors were felt across a wide region as it was a comparitively shallow earthquake at a depth of around 15.5km at a distance of 38km Southward from Junagadh annd 126km SSW of Rajkot.
The maximum shaking happened in Junagadh dist, Amreli,Visavadar where very light damage is expected. In Ahmadabad, very light shaking happened as the p wave travelled and caused the shaking for around 25 seconds forcing people to come out of their homes. The epicenter cordinates are
21.18N,70.540 E

Akshay Deoras

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