Saturday, September 26, 2009

Slight Weather risk for sunday. Interesting Feature to dig in

Slight Threat On sunday in upper USA
The Cut of flow is expected to Join the Main Stream Across west-east USA.
The areas where the trough is expected to remain will be near the Lakes area in Usa
Ahead of this feature,Little Instability is present in the upper atmosphere which might generate some thunderstorms.SPC SAYS 15% risk in the lake area,
another Unique feature will be seen on sunday morning when the pacific north west trough will dig in the Central Plains of USA. the atlantic south-east trough is also expected to enter the east coasts of USA. A similar Trough setup of tornadoes is there but there is poor moisture and instablity in the atmosphere, so Less scope for tornadoes and some scope for thunderstorms around the lake area.

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